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16th July - 28th October 2022


In July 2022, Lio Malca opens an exhibition to the public inspired by his private collection of Eva Beresin's expressive paintings.



A Daily Excercise of Deadly Sins and Other Nonsense addresses the risky and radical in a thrilling artistic language all Beresin's own.


With site-specific works for Fundación La Nave Salinas, this exhibition juxtaposes works of monumental and small-scale dimensions, creating a layered dialogue between each piece on display. 

"Fundación La Nave Salinas wants to share the work of an artist that we find extraordinary and who deserves to be known," explains Lio Malca, Founder of Fundación La Nave Salinas. "We are not only struck by her way of painting with spontaneous, kinetic brush strokes but also by her portrayal of delicate situations with confrontational images."


The show exhibits paintings that center around the comic nature of tragedy specific to human nature. They depict the banality of the grotesque in scenes that are accompanied by witnesses. Often these witnesses are animals and creatures that engage with patterns of human behavior or look to the viewer directly in surprise or utter desperation. 


At times, Beresin inserts self-portraits that seem funny, mainly through hands, feet, and facial features distorted in a cartoonish way – a constant in her work. The artist uses herself as a character reflecting ownership of her identity in all its iterations. "I use my face and my body; I put them in the center of situations that are relevant to me, combining them with my creatures, those who have accompanied me since childhood," Beresin states.



Routinely, the deadly sins are depicted as abject actions performed by someone detached from society. The portrayal of a sinner often comes across as a spectacle. We obsess over other people's sins, fascinated with consuming their transgressions with a hollow sense of virtuousness, until we realize that our actions are equally marred by moral ambiguity. The ubiquitousness of sin becomes a bizarre cacophony, sometimes ridiculous and sometimes sad. Upon acknowledging this reality, we must move on and confront it with levity.​

Opening A Daily Exercise of Deadly Sins and Other Nonsense

Opening A Daily Exercise of Deadly Sins and Other Nonsense

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Making of A Daily Excercise of Deadly Sins and Other Nonsense

Making of A Daily Excercise of Deadly Sins and Other Nonsense

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"My courage to show all this, in a way, makes me laugh, and I find it encouraging because, despite all the hardships, we are still here."

Eva Beresin


Eva Beresin (Budapest, b. 1955) received her degree from the School of Visual Arts in Budapest. Since early childhood, Beresin has known that painting is her great passion. Daughter of an art collector, her family prioritized artistic pursuits and encouraged her creative explorations. 


In 2015, Beresin executed a deeply personal exhibition project for the Charim Galerie in Vienna. This acclaimed exhibition was based on a diary written by her mother – following her liberation from Auschwitz. 


With bold handling of symbolism, her work collects stories inspired by tragic circumstances and imbues them with a positive atmosphere, extracting beauty from pain. "You have to have a sense of humor to cope with horror," Beresin explains.


Beresin's paintings feature herself, several members of her family, and her closest friends in cheerful, colorful, and often domestic settings. Her art offers comfort and hope by portraying everyday life events with a fresh perspective. 


In addition to being present in important international collections, Beresin's work has entered the permanent collection of the Albertina Museum in Vienna.