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Every year, La Nave Salinas extends its exhibition until the end of October to allow schools the opportunity to bring their students for a rewarding educational experience. 

L’Escola a La Nave project was created in collaboration with the town hall of Ibiza, with the goal of utilizing art, culture, and education as tools for social change. Due to the popularity of the program, L'Escola a La Nave has become a destination for schools in other municipalities. 

The workshops last for several weeks and welcome around 50 children a day who come every year to visit the workshop specifically designed for every exhibition. 

L'Escola a La Nave was founded in the hope of creating a collaborative environment with Ibiza’s schools in order to help children become familiar with art and museums at a young age. This will help them to develop a taste for culture and will give them the tools with which to appreciate art and enrich their imagination and intellect. 

L'Escola a La Nave is a project which grows every year and positions the foundation deeper within the cultural landscape of Ibiza. The project aspires to become an indispensable part of the annual educational activities offered at Ibiza.

_ness, Jonny Niesche 2023

A Daily Exercise of Deadly Sins and Other Nonsense, Eva Beresin 2022

El bañista, Rafa Macarrón 2021

Universalis, Kenny Scharf 2019

Bill Viola, 2018

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