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June 21st-October 13th, 2018

New York art collector Lio Malca, in collaboration with Bill Viola and Bill Viola Studio, are pleased to present two of the artist's most acclaimed works: Fire Woman and Tristan's Ascension (The Sound of a Mountain Under a Waterfall).


In 2018, La Nave Salinas presents two pieces of video art by video artist Bill Viola: Fire Woman and The Ascension of Tristan (The Sound of a Mountain Under a Waterfall). For its projection, a 7x5 feet screen has been installed in the center of the show space. All lighting has been dispensed with, leaving the viewer in an entirely dark La Nave. The only light source is the vivid glow of the projections. 


Fire Woman is an image seen in the mind’s eye of a dying man.  The darkened silhouette of a female figure stands before a wall of flame. After several minutes, she moves forward, opens her arms, and falls into her own reflection. When the flames of passion and fever finally engulf the inner eye, and the realization that desire’s body will never again be met blinds the seer, the reflecting surface is shattered and collapses into its essential form—undulating wave patterns of pure light. 

Format: Video and sound installation.

Duration: 11:12 minutes, 2005.

Performer: Robin Bonaccorsi. 

Tristan’s Ascension describes the ascent of the soul in the space after death as it is awakened and drawn up in a backward-flowing waterfall. The body of a man is seen lying on a stone slab in an empty concrete room. Small drops of water become visible as they leave the ground and fall upward into space. What starts as a light rain soon becomes a roaring deluge, and the cascading water jostles the man’s limp body and soon brings him to life. His arms move of their own accord and his torso arches upward amidst the churning water. 


Finally, his entire body rises off the slab and is drawn up with the rushing water, disappearing above. The torrent of water gradually subsides, and the drips decrease until only the empty slab remains, glistening on the wet ground. The image sequence is projected onto a tall, vertically oriented screen mounted on the wall.

Format: Video and sound installation. 

Duration: 10:16 minutes, 2005.

Performer: John Hay. 

Bill Viola Making of

Bill Viola Making of

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“There's more than just the surface of life.  The real things are under  the surface.” 

Bill Viola

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